Vargas Pérez Laura Silvia
Gutiérrez Tornés Agustín Francisco
Felipe Riverón Edgardo Manuel
Título On the Technical Quality Evaluation of Rapid Application Development Software Products in a Visual Environment
Tipo Revista
Sub-tipo JCR
Descripción World Journal of Research and Review (WJRR)
Resumen This paper presents a model for the technical quality evaluation of Rapid Application Development (RAD) software products in a visual environment. It addresses organizations, companies and final users that need to select in an effective and easy way the most appropriate software to develop their applications amongst those in the market. It also gives a guideline for the concrete instrumentation of the model features, such as ranking procedures. Finally, it discusses the results of the evaluation of three of these tools.
País Canada
No. de páginas 50-55
Vol. / Cap. Volume-2, Issue-5
Inicio 2016-05-01
ISBN/ISSN 2455-3956