Duchanoy Martínez Carlos Alberto
Moreno Armendáriz Marco Antonio
Cruz Villar Carlos Alberto
Calvo Castro Francisco Hiram
Título Multi-objective Articial Bee Colony Algorithm with external memory for the Optimization of Engineering Problems
Tipo Congreso
Sub-tipo Memoria
Descripción 11th International Congress Technological Trends in Computing CTTC 2015 Research in Computer Science
Resumen In this paper, a memory module for the Multi-Objective Artificial Bee Colony (MOABC) algorithm is proposed. The inclusion of a memory has the objective of reducing the number of evaluations required by the MOABC algorithm. The proposed memory stores the fitness values for every food source, thus avoiding to evaluate more than once these sources. As case study, we present a damper optimal design. With the objective of carrying out an in-depth analysis of the suspension system, the full behavior of the suspension is considered. This is accomplished using a full car model that includes the kinematics, dynamics and geometry of the suspension. However, simulation of the car model requires a lot of computing power which leads to long simulation times. The simulation times motivates the modifications made to the MOABC algorithm. As result of the modifications the number of evaluations needed by the MOABC is reduced to the half.
Lugar México, D.F.
País Mexico
No. de páginas 85-95
Vol. / Cap. Vol 98
Inicio 2015-10-12
Fin 2015-10-16
ISBN/ISSN 1870-4069