Calvo Castro Francisco Hiram
Godoy Calderón Salvador
Moreno Armendáriz Marco Antonio
Martínez Hernández Víctor Manuel
Título Patrolling Routes Optimization Using Ant Colonies
Tipo Congreso
Sub-tipo SCOPUS
Descripción 7th Mexican Conference on Pattern Recognition, MCPR 2015
Resumen In general, route optimization by using ant colony algorithms has been widely used with good results so far. This work presents a novel method within this kind of techniques for optimizing patrolling routes for personnel working in public security. Our algorithm can be used in all places with this kind of activities, allowing to allocate an optimal number of human and material resources for patrolling. We present a case study based on data from the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, in Mexico. For three different patrolling requirements, we were always able to find optimal routes in relatively short time (around 50 algorithm iterations)
Lugar México, D.F.
País Mexico
No. de páginas 302-312
Vol. / Cap. Volume 9116
Inicio 2015-06-24
Fin 2015-06-27
ISBN/ISSN 978-331919263-5 03029743